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The house where the Brooks sportswear shop is located today was built for Gottlieb and Paula Glenk in 1915. Born in the German colony of Saron, they were the second generation of the Glenk family who founded Saron in 1868. This house, like the house of the national assembly, is lined with concrete blocks "under stone" - products of the famous factory building materials Gera Hugo Wieland at the first railway station in Jaffa (modern Mitham aTahana). Chet Glenk grew citrus fruits and had a chicken coop. Citrus fruits were exported to Germany, and eggs were in great demand in the then young Tel Aviv. Like many other inhabitants of the German colony of Saron, openly speaking in support of the Nazi regime, the British government of Palestine exiled Glenkov to Australia in 1941. The English commandant of Saron camp, who was surrounded by barbed wire and turned into a closed area of compact German residence, was located in their house. After the war and the independence of the country, government organizations were located in this house. Speaking of the brooks brand ... Jew John Brooks Goldenberg about the same year when this house was built bought a small shoe factory in Philadelphia. Then the factory produced bath slippers and ballet shoes. John and his brother Michael turned the factory into one of the world's leading manufacturers of prestigious sports shoes. At the corner in front of the house there is a rack with Sarona's cards, but who needs a paper brochure when there are Pinsteps! Spoiling up another entrance to the Sarona Market. Translated with Google Translate

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Dinner in sarona

After a wonderful dinner from the menu of five Asian cuisines, it's nice to stroll through the quiet streets of the ancient German colony of Saron in the heart of modern Tel Aviv Translated with Google Translate

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