Pinsteps. Gozsdu pedestrian street, Budapest
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Gozsdu Udvar is a pedestrian street located in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, Hungary. It is known for its lively atmosphere, with various restaurants, bars, and shops. The road is named after a 19th-century lawyer and philanthropist, Sandor Gozsdu, who was a member of the Hungarian Jewish community. The street was originally built in the early 1900s and was restored in 2001. It is now a popular spot for tourists and locals and is known for its unique architecture and lively nightlife.

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DAY 1 BUDAPEST food and local fashion

Starting the tour with a meal at BAMBA MARHA Burger would be a great way to fuel up before exploring the local design and fashion scene at Printa Design Shop and Ludovika VNTG Shop. After the meal, the tour will continue to Gozsdu Udvar, a lively pedestrian street known for its unique architecture and nightlife. This tour will give visitors a well-rounded experience of the city, including its delicious food and local fashion culture.

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