Pinsteps. Old Chinese Wat (Kian Un Keng Shrine )
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Kian Un Keng Shrine , known internationally as Guanyin Shrine, is an ancient Chinese joss house in Bangkok.

This shrine is a Hokkienese joss house. It's one of the oldest shrines in Thonburi and Thailand by King Taksin and brought the Goddess Guanyin statue to be enshrined here. The Guanyin Bodhisattva is different from other shrines because mostly the Guanyin in other shrines are in standing position, but here the Guanyin is in sitting position. The Guanyin statue is made of wood carved and coated with gold. There are also murals and paintings of the classical novel Romance of Three Kingdoms, including dolls decorated on the wall decorations for visiting and worshipping.

Principal Guanyin statue Its name is assumed to be the origin of the name Kudi Chin, which means "Chinese monk's dwelling".

Originally, the shrine was divided into two shrines, Guan Yu and Qingshui shrines. Later, both were in disrepair during the reign of King Taksin. During the reign of King Rama III, the Hokkienese therefore demolished both shrines and rebuilt with Chinese courtyard architecture along with brought the Guanyin statue enshrined instead since then. Its name meaning "building that create peace and tranquility for the Hokkienese".

It is currently under the care of Simasatian and Tantiwetchakun families, which are their offspring.

Moreover, during the annually Vegetarian Festival this shrine will have a special event unlike other shrines. That is a ceremony similar to Loi Krathong in order change one's bad fortune for the people who make merit here. Including a boat trip to visit another shrine on opposite side of the river, Chó-su-kong Shrine in Talat Noi, Chinatown.

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