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Like the Volksgarten (Volksgarten - People's Park), Burggarten was also planned by Ludwig Gabriel von Remy with the personal participation of Emperor Franz. Unfortunately, Remy went down in history with his pediment of the Cathedral in Esztergom (Hungary). Franz went down in history by abolishing the Holy Roman Empire, of which he was the Emperor, and by getting his daughter Marie Louise married off to his sworn enemy Napoleon Bonaparte (Marie Antoinette's great-niece who was executed during the revolution). So Franz abandoned the Holy Roman Empire, founded the Austrian and retained the dynasty, and his daughter's marriage to the Corsican made him the Emperor of France. Maybe this is why he hated liberalism so much and so hopelessly doomed his grandson Franz Yosif for going with the flow of liberalism until the complete dashing against the reefs of revolution and terror - unchangeable friends of the First World War.

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