Pinsteps. Palazzo Brentani Greppi, Milan
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This palace is sadly connected with the assassination attempt on King Karl Albert, the father of Victor Emmanuel the Second, already known to us. Karl Albert fought unsuccessfully with Austria for the independence of Italy. The Austrian empire did not at all want to part with the wealthy Lobmardian-Venetian kingdom, the capital of which was Milan. After losing an important battle, Carl Albert tried to reassure the citizens by going out onto the balcony of this building on August 4, 1848, and nearly died from a shot. Two days later, on August 6, Austrian troops occupied Milan, and on the 9th a ceasefire was signed preserving Austrian rule in northern Italy. A year later, Carl Albert abdicated the throne in favor of his son Victor Emanuel and died in Porto - Portugal.

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This route is suitable for those who come to Milan for a day or for those who stay in the city. We will visit the Dome Square, get acquainted with the architecture of the town, and feel its spirit, born during the formation of independent Italy. We will walk along the quiet streets of the bohemian region of Brera and plunge into urban life in the Castello area. Stories, bars, restaurants, shops, and comfort will accompany us at every step.

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