Pinsteps. Hofburg Palace with a green dome called the wing of St. Michael in Vienna
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The most elegant and famous wing of the Hofburg Palace has the famous rotunda with a green dome called the wing of St. Michael. Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach, a Viennese architect of the early 17th century, designed this part of the palace. It connects the winter riding school and the wing of the Imperial Chancellery. However, since the former Imperial Theater (Burgtheater) building stood in this direction, these plans remained unfulfilled until Ferdinand Kirchner built this part of the palace from 1889 to 1893 using a slightly modified method. After the construction of Mikhailovsky Square was completed, two sculptural fountains were installed on the wing's façade: Rudolf Weir's "Power at Sea" and Edmund Hellmer's "Power on Land". The wing is named after the church of St. Michael on the opposite side.

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