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The burial is a system of various caves united by corridors. Inside there are various elements of Judaica. For example, how this huge menorah is the menorah. In 1936, Alexander Zaid, one of the legendary personalities of the haShomer movement who worked as a watchman, reported that he had found a hole in the wall of one of the caves that led him to another cave decorated with inscriptions. In 1936 and 1955, the site was made by Benjamin Mazar and Nachman Avigad. Translated with Google Translate

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Saturday walk through Beit Shearim and Zichron Yaakov.

Beautiful autumn days in one of the most mysterious places in the north of the country. Beit Shearim is an ancient city with a well-preserved necropolis, Zichron Yaakov - the first settlement of Baron Rothschild - European corner of the Holy Land Translated with Google Translate

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