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In 1881, Franz Josef ordered expanding the Hofburg Palace and adjacent territories to conduct lush imperial ceremonies. The largest forum in the history of the imperial forum was naturally chosen to the south of the historic Hofbugra. In front of us is the reverse side of the west wing of the new palace, facing the imperial garden. Today it houses the national library and several museums. One of them has the most extensive collection of knightly armour and weapons in the world. The other is the Museum of musical instruments. In the same year, in March, Russian Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded on the embankment of the Catherine Canal in St. Petersburg. The next emperor of the Russian Empire became his brother Alexander III, and the murder of the nephew of Franz Yosif - Ferdinand in 1914 led to the reorganization of the world.

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Discover Vienna by journeying from the iconic Café Mozart to the intriguing Hungarian House of the "Blood Countess."

Embark on a self-guided walking tour through imperial Vienna. You'll explore magnificent landmarks like the Opera House and the Royal Park, stroll through the opulent palace grounds of the Augsburg dynasty, and delve into the dark history of the infamous Bloody Countess. This captivating adventure offers a glimpse into the city's rich past and enchanting beauty.

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