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Hodžovo námestie, also known as Hodžovo Square, is a significant public space in Bratislava, Slovakia. It has a rich history and plays a crucial role in the city's modern life. Here's an overview of its history and contemporary significance:

Historical Background: - The square's history dates back to the 19th century when it was established as part of Bratislava's urban development. - It was initially named Emperor Franz Joseph Square (Námestie cisára Františka Jozefa) during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. - The square underwent several name changes throughout its history, reflecting the political changes in the region. It was also known as Lenin Square during the communist era. - During the 20th century, it was an important transportation hub with tram lines passing through it.

Modern Times: - In the post-communist era, the square underwent significant changes. It was renamed Hodžovo námestie in honour of Andrej Hlinka and Milan Hodža, prominent figures in Slovak history. - Hodžovo námestie is now a major traffic intersection in Bratislava, serving as a transportation hub with bus and tram stops. - Important government buildings, including the Presidential Palace, the Office of the Government, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, surround the square. - It also features a beautiful park with greenery and walking paths, making it a popular spot for residents and visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors. - The square is often the site of various cultural events, demonstrations, and public gatherings due to its central location and historical significance.

Hodžovo námestie represents a blend of historical and modern elements, reflecting Bratislava's evolving identity and its role as the capital of Slovakia. It remains an essential focal point in the city regarding transportation and its cultural significance.

By Tibor Bártfay (sculptor) - cc-by-3.0Peter Zelizňák (photo) - Own work, Public Domain

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Bratislava of Jun 28, 2019

One-Day Journey Through Bratislava: A Blend of New and Old, Nature and Culture

Morning: Exploring the New City and Westend Tower

  • Start your day in Bratislava's modern sector, where you can witness the city's growth and contemporary spirit. A visit to the Westend Tower showcases the architectural evolution of Bratislava, symbolizing its dynamic progress.
  • Explore the surrounding area with its blend of modern businesses and residential spaces, offering a glimpse into the daily life of Bratislava's residents.

Midday: Retreat to Železná Studnička

  • As noon approaches, head to Železná Studnička, a picturesque park offering a peaceful escape from urban life.
  • Here, you can enjoy a leisurely picnic, walk along its trails, or relax by the pond, soaking in the serene natural environment.
  • The park's lush greenery and tranquil setting provide a perfect backdrop for a midday break.

Afternoon: Historical Walk through Old Town

  • Begin your historical exploration at Poštová Street, where the pulse of Bratislava's history meets modernity. This vibrant street is a great starting point for delving into the city's past.
  • Proceed to Hodžovo námestie, a significant square that offers insights into Bratislava's historical and contemporary relevance. Take some time to appreciate the square's monuments and the Presidential Palace nearby.
  • Next, wander to Panenská Street, bridging the gap between history and modernity. This street provides a deeper understanding of Bratislava's architectural and cultural evolution.
  • Conclude your historical journey on Michalská Street, a vital link to the Old Town's rich past. Strolling down this street feels like a journey through different eras of Bratislava's history.

Evening: Dining and Reflection

  • Return to the city centre for dinner as the day winds down. Choose from a variety of restaurants offering traditional Slovak cuisine or international dishes.
  • Reflect on the day's experiences, from the modern vibrance of the new city to the tranquil nature of Železná Studnička and the historical richness of the Old Town.


This one-day journey through Bratislava offers a harmonious blend of the city's modern developments, natural beauty, and historical treasures. It's a day that encapsulates the essence of Bratislava, showcasing why it's a unique and captivating European capital.

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