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Pavlo Tychyna (1891-1967) was a renowned Ukrainian poet and public figure. His works are considered some of the most important in Ukrainian literature, and his influence on developing 20th-century Ukrainian poetry is profound. Tychyna's poetry is characterised by its innovative use of language, rich imagery, and deep philosophical themes.

Born in a small village in the Chernihiv region, Tychyna began his literary career in the early 20th century. His first collection of poems, "Sonnet of the Sun," was published in 1918, and throughout his life, he wrote more than 30 poetry collections. The Symbolist and Futurist movements influenced Tychyna's early works, while his later works aligned more with the Soviet literary establishment. In addition to his academic career, Tychyna held various positions in the Soviet state apparatus, including serving as a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

The Pavlo Tychyna Literary Memorial Museum in Kyiv is dedicated to the life and work of this influential poet. The museum is housed in Tychyna's former residence, where he lived from 1935 until 1967. Visitors can explore exhibits that showcase Tychyna's personal belongings, manuscripts, photographs, and other memorabilia related to his life and career. The museum also hosts literary events, educational programs, and research activities focused on Tychyna's work and Ukrainian literature in general.

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Winter walk in Kyiv of Dec 15, 2018

Winter in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv is a beautiful sight. When the trees are covered in snow, the streets look incredibly cosy and charming. Many cafes and restaurants in the area are decorated in winter themes with garlands and Christmas decorations, creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

The Shevchenkivskyi district in Kyiv is named after the great Ukrainian poet, writer, translator, and public figure Taras Shevchenko. Taras Shevchenko was born in 1814 in the village of Moryntsi near Kyiv.

The Shevchenkivskyi district in Kyiv was formed due to an administrative and territorial reform of the city in 1939. When it was created, the district's territory was part of other historic districts in the town that had changed over time. For example, the Bessarabka district was founded in the 1830s, and the Lukyanivka district was founded in the 1860s.

Before the formation of the Shevchenkivskyi district, the territory of Kyiv that now comprises the district had various names, depending on the area. For example, the part of the district near the Universitat metro station was called Kudryavets. In contrast, the part where the Pechersk Residential Complex is located is known as the Botanical Garden.

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