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The most admirable part of the museum is a replica of the famous ship of the Dutch East Indian company Amsterdam, recreated from 1985 to 1991. This trading company lasted almost 200 years from 1602 to 1798 and conducted a monopoly trade with Ceylon, China, Japan, and Indonesia. These years were years of the myriad, wealth, and prosperity of the economy of Amsterdam, and, not in vain, the seventeenth century entered the history of the Netherlands as the "Golden Age." The ship Amsterdam was one of the largest vessels owned by the company. It was launched in 1747, and on the first voyage to Batavia (modern Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia) sank, having fallen in a storm, off the coast of England. Of the 203 members of the team under the command of Captain Klump, 50 died while trying to save the ship, and 90 died ashore from hypothermia. All cargo, consisting of a variety of goods and twenty-eight silver chests, was absorbed by a sandbank near Eastbourne on the English coast of the English Channel. Captain Klump himself lost the loan allocated to him for swimming, in the amount of his salary for 14 years of service. This ship is today one of the symbols of modern Amsterdam and, like nothing else, better shows the history of the golden age of the Netherlands, filled with fabulous benefits and incredible risks.

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Tata Pomuran
“Water” route through Amsterdam for a guys get together.

This route is ideal for a male company or for fathers and sons. The day will begin with the famous Maritime Museum and one of Amsterdam's most famous golden age ships. This sailboat belonged to the legendary East Indian company, and headed for the islands of the Indonesian archipelago in the late autumn of 1748, and what you will learn later on an exact copy of the ship moored in the eastern harbor. Next you will find a cheerful and serious, bright and real, fully gaming and very academic museum of science Nemo. Here you can find out a bunch of unexpected facts about a person and the world and confirm your guesses by experience, and let a light drink drunk on the observation deck relax, enjoying the views of the city. Further - the most unexpected acquaintance with Amsterdam - from a surfboard sliding on the quiet water of the canals! This new and growing type of tourism is called sapsurfing and combines a bit of sport, a little courage and an indescribable feeling. We propose to end the day in a small brewery and bar near the old Dutch mill. Here you can taste eight sorts of local beer and get to know the excellent triple ale. Have a great day!

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Tata Pomuran (author)
Owner of Agnum event (DMC Netherlands). Fell in love with Amsterdam 7 years ago and moved to live here. Loves to surprise the guests of the city and discover new places of the Benelux countries.
Conservatorium Hotel
This luxury hotel in Amsterdam has repeatedly been crowned the number one luxury hotel in the Netherlands. Located in the Museum Square district, the luxury cultural heart of the city, the Conservatorium is an architectural masterpiece that combines a landmark heritage building with graceful, contemporary design. Guests enjoy a selection of restaurants, a bar, lounge and 1,000 sq m Akasha Holistic Wellbeing. In this vibrant and elegant setting, the city's crown jewels – the Van Gogh Museum, Concertgebouw, Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark and Amsterdam's most indulgent shopping – are literally at your doorstep. For culture and for business, it's a location like no other.
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