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As it goes on the forum of heroes, let's talk about heroes. In front of us is the famous Eugene of Savoy. He is not related to the Habsburg dynasty. Eugene comes from a noble family of Savoy rulers (a district in the southeast of France and the Piedmont region in Italy). He was born in Paris. His mother was Olympia Mancini, the niece of Cardinal Mazarin. After Olympia had a stormy romance with Louis XIV, the Sun King, and was also suspected of being a poisoner, she safely left the city. Her beauty and frivolous disposition did not threaten Parisian women anymore. By the way, thanks to her, the hairstyle a la Mancini entered the history of hairdressing. This is when hair is parted on two sides, lushly whipped above the temples and curled locks go down on the shoulders. The son of Olympia, Eugene, went to war with the Turks and gained fame through the ages. Thanks to him, Vienna was saved in 1683 (remember the times of Maria Theresia's great-grandfather and his preacher Abraham?) Eugene of Savoy went down in history as the saviour of Europe from the Muslim conquest. The squares, frigates, and military units are named after him. He is a national hero in Vienna. By the way, Anne of Austria, the mother of Louis XIV, did not like Olympia more than anyone. Louis reigned for 72 years and died from gangrene of the leg because he believed that amputation was below royal dignity and did not leave a single direct heir.

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