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So, if you use public transport in Tel Aviv for the first time, you need to know a few important things. First: Tel Aviv and its surroundings are called Gush Dan. Second: there are two transport zones: Gush Dan and Gush Dan Murkhav (extended). Third: all train and bus journeys are paid using the Rav Kav card. Fourthly: you can replenish money on the account of the Rav Kav card at the convenience store. And the last one is security. At the entrance to any public places in Israel, you must pass a security check. You can purchase the Rav Kav at the ticket’s office. You can use the Rav Kav for any kind of public transportation. The daily rate in the Gush Dan area is 13.5 shekels. The weekly pass is 63 shekels. You need a train to Moshe Dayan station. Direct trains to Moshe Dayan station depart every half hour. Do not be surprised if you see this message at each stop. We do not know where you entered the train but take care that you are comfortable at any stop. If you do not need this information, just scroll down to cool facts. Some facts: The HaHaganah station was opened on June 22, 2002. From this station a train line leads to the Moshe Dayan train station and then on to Ashdod and Ashkelon. In August 2018, the construction of additional infrastructure began at the station, as part of preparations for the operation of the highway train to Jerusalem. The station serves many passengers due to its convenient access to Tel Aviv's new central bus station. The station is named after the organization Haganah (Protection), which was active in the ranks of the British troops during the Second World War and which became the basis for the Israel Defense Forces.

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