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A clock of the shipping company was used even a century ago as a source of pride for the company and an impressive street ad. To this day, it is a tourist attraction in the city. Each hour was dedicated to a historical figure related to the history of Vienna. For example, an hour is dedicated to Marcus Aurelius, a Roman soldier, emperor and philosopher who died and was buried in the Vindobona camp - in Vienna. By the way, Marcus was a close friend of Judah ha-Nasi and even wanted to make Judaism the official religion of the Roman Empire. Thanks to Yehuda ha-Nasi, this did not happen. Let's do a short numbers game. X in Roman is ten, V is half of X, and the letter M is X times C. Look for the year the clock was established in Roman numerals and add the hour of Marcus. What number will you get?

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This trip will lead you through the streets of old Vienna in such a way that characters and urban legends will introduce you to the city through questions and answers. A correct answer will lead to the next point on the route and sometimes to several points at once. Even if a question is not asked at a particular station, do not skip it to save time. Stations without questions provide essential information for giving a correct answer at the next station. Also, carefully read explanations for correct answers. They also bring helpful information. Remember, you are not competing against another team but against time. There is no need to run or ignore the city surrounding you because only correct answers will advance you, and incorrect ones will stop you. In the end, only the game time and the number of correct answers from each player or group of players count, regardless of when they started the game or when they finished it relative to another player or group. Just pressing the start game button will start the timer. Do not launch the game before reaching the starting point, or carefully read and study the game's rules. Finally, and most importantly - enjoy the city and the atmosphere. Good Luck!

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