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Tao Dan Park has a long history, beginning ever since the 1860s when the French started invading Vietnam. The Tao Dan Park is located right behind the Reunification Palace and was repaired at the same time when the Palace was rebuilt by the French. In 1869, the French separated the Tao Dan land from the garden of the Reunification Palace and built Miss Cawell Street between them (also known as Huyen Tran Princess nowadays).

After being repaired, the garden was officially named Jardin de la Ville. For the Vietnamese at the time, it was either called Ong Thuong garden or Bo Ro garden. There were many explanations for the name Bo Ro, but most people understood it as a transliteration from the French word “beaux jeux” in “jardin des beaux jeux”, meaning “garden of elegant games”. When it was officially done, a guy named Mr. Moreau was handed the power of managing the garden. He was also the first one to take charge of the Bo Ro area.

Throughout the time from 1896 to 1926, they built more structures inside the garden, such as a soccer field, the pool, the tennis field, etc. It might be considered as one of the most modern soccer fields in the area at that time. Until 1954, when the French officially withdrew their forces from Vietnam, the Reunification Palace and the Bo Ro garden was back in the control of the Vietnamese, the garden was named Tao Dan Park.

During the 1970s, with a huge amount of trees, the Tao Dan Park could be considered as the lungs of Ho Chi Minh City, providing fresh air and a clean atmosphere. Sometimes they even held exhibitions and events here. Tao Dan Park was also the place where military scouting, Vietnamese scouting and a lot of other activities were organized. Among them, the most significant event was the Dong Tam fair, which funded the Hospitable of People. The park has been existing from then until now, becoming an attractive tourist destination of Ho Chi Minh City.

Highlights Of Tao Dan Park Tao Dan Park is so special because it has a huge number of trees, creating such a clean and refreshing environment. But aside from the green sceneries, there are a lot of other incredible things in Tao Dan Park that visitors must at least see once in their life.

Historic structures at Dan Park Historic structures at Dan Park (@rdxtion) 1. Historical Structures During history, there had been a number of structures being built inside the Tao Dan Park. Nowadays, the ancient temple built to honor the Hung Kings and a small Cham tower are the two most famous ones. Both of these structures represent the history of Vietnam, also perfect places to take amazing pictures. Foreign visitors always be impressed with the delicate and eye-catching architecture of these relics.

Aside from that, the Tao Dan Park even has a Lam tomb built in 1895, which also represents the heroic history of Vietnam. This is one of the monuments of the compound tomb that has the largest acreage and most beautiful architecture in Ho Chi Minh City. In the far east of the parks, visitors can be a delight to admire the different statues being displayed there.

  1. Astonishing Nature It’s not randomly that the Tao Dan Park is named “the lungs of Ho Chi Minh City”. The place has more than 10 hectares of green and tall trees, which incredibly help to make fresh air and to manage the city’s temperature. Most paths inside Tao Dan Park are covered by the thick branches, saving it from the burning sun rays. That is why local people often come here to relax, exercise, catch up with their friends and enjoy their normal, simple life.

Activities in Tao Dan Park Activities in Tao Dan Park (@nhannt98) 3. The Children’s Playground In 1975, there was a time the Tao Dan Park was also called “Tao Dan Culture Park”, and the children’s playground was built. Until now, the playground had been repaired once, creating a safe and active place for little kids to hang out and play. The playground has a total of eight entertainments, including seesaw, slide, swings, small Ferris wheel, etc.

The current children’s playground has an area of about 300 meters square, located on the side of Truong Dinh street. On weekends, this place is crowded with small children who come to have fun.

  1. Tao Dan Spring Flower Festival During every New Year, the colorful and stunning spring flower festival is held in Tao Dan Park. On this occasion, various unique and eye-catching works of art made from flowers are displayed for visitors to admire and take astonishing pictures. The delicate, colorful and stunning flowers, the creativity of the masterpieces plus the bustling and happy atmosphere of the holiday create such charming scenery in Tao Dan Park, gaining great attention from the public.

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