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There are many famous mansions on this street, for example, the palace of the Russian Countess Samoilova in house number 20. The famous picture "The Horsewoman" in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow shows Giovana Pacini - the daughter of composer Pacini and a pupil of Samoilova. The girl was often in this house. Directly opposite to it we can see the Palazzo Moriggia Palace, which belonged to the old Morigi family from Lake Maggiore. Today it houses the Museo del Risorgimento of Milan.

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This route is suitable for those who come to Milan for a day or for those who stay in the city. We will visit the Dome Square, get acquainted with the architecture of the town, and feel its spirit, born during the formation of independent Italy. We will walk along the quiet streets of the bohemian region of Brera and plunge into urban life in the Castello area. Stories, bars, restaurants, shops, and comfort will accompany us at every step.

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