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In this house lived the seed of Friedrich Lamlet - one of the founders of Sarona. The Lamle family was also known for the wonderful honey, vegetables and dairy products that they supplied to the markets of Sarona Yaffo and Tel Aviv. He was a pioneer in the field of viticulture. After the war, various departments of intelligence were housed here. parts of the air force. Now here is the house of Spinning Top. This is a shop and studio workshop Eran Gerblera. He devoted all of himself to this ancient toy and his tops just cause admiration. They are different, cute, ceramic, sophisticated, intelligent and immensely good. Eran also likes to tell stories about the top. It turns out that it takes its origin in Roman time. It was a gamble. And then in Germany, it turned into a Jewish children's game during the holiday of Hanukkah. Translated with Google Translate

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Dinner in sarona

After a wonderful dinner from the menu of five Asian cuisines, it's nice to stroll through the quiet streets of the ancient German colony of Saron in the heart of modern Tel Aviv Translated with Google Translate

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