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The burial of Judas This man is the founder of modern Judaism due to his personal connections with the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, Judaism almost became the state religion of the Roman Empire. Many ancient tombs have been found in more than twenty necropolis catacombs. Geographical references in the inscriptions on the walls of the catacombs indicate that the necropolis was used not only by people from the city of Beit Shearim, but also from other places in Galilee, and even from such distant cities as Palmyra and Tir. The Jerusalem Talmud cites Beit Shearim as the burial place of Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasi. The funeral is described as follows: “Wonders were unheard of on that day. It was evening, and in all the cities they gathered to mourn him, and eighteen synagogues offered praise to him and carved a niche for him in Beit Shearim, and the daylight stood until everyone returned to their homes his "The fact that Rabbi Yehuda haNasi was buried in Beit Shearim is considered one of the main reasons for the popularity of the necropolis in late antiquity. One of the catacombs (No. 14) was defined as his burial. Translated with Google Translate

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Saturday walk through Beit Shearim and Zichron Yaakov.

Beautiful autumn days in one of the most mysterious places in the north of the country. Beit Shearim is an ancient city with a well-preserved necropolis, Zichron Yaakov - the first settlement of Baron Rothschild - European corner of the Holy Land Translated with Google Translate

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