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It is impossible to start your acquaintance with Amsterdam not from the central station. Much has been written and said about this building, its architect presented the city with the famous museum, but few people know that the station was built on the site of the lake and relies on more than eight thousand piles. By the way, from the B2 platform you can look at the beautifully designed waiting room, built for the queen. Today it is closed, and only five such waiting rooms were built in the Netherlands. And if you are hungry, you can go to the famous Grand Cafe-Restaurant 1e klas, which has retained its unique interior. We will delve into the city along one of its most important streets - Damrak Street. This street was formed in the first half of the nineteenth century, when the central channel from the station building to Dam Square was bombarded. The most important building on the street is the first stock exchange in Europe - Berlage. Therefore, Amsterdamians often uttering the name of Damrak Street, use it in the meaning of trade and money transactions, as New Yorkers use Wall Street. On the way, pay attention to the famous Amsterdam houses. Do not forget, like the station building, they are also built on stilts. Due to the old age of wooden piles, sometimes houses are tilted, which makes them even more unique and colorful.

Photo: Author: Vasyatka1 - own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Translated with Google Translate

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During this walk you will have time: to go for a cheese and wine tasting, to see the main Dam square and the royal palace, to go along the shopping Kalverstraat street and go to the Amsterdam Museum, to see the oldest house, to get acquainted with the street brownie, to find out that Rusland has no connection with Russia, drink tea in the smallest house, see what Monet painted, walk along the Rembrandt beach and buy a Dutch herring at a kiosk.

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Owner of Agnum event (DMC Netherlands). Fell in love with Amsterdam 7 years ago and moved to live here. Loves to surprise the guests of the city and discover new places of the Benelux countries.
Conservatorium Hotel
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