Pinsteps. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan
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The gallery is named after the first king of united Italy and carries important political symbolism. At the intersection of the two galleries, covered with steel and glass, a dome rises, and the mosaic on the floor depicts the four most important centers of the United Kingdom of Italy - Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples. Each of them has its symbolism. The immutable symbol of Rome - the she-wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus is easily recognized. But the bull symbol of Turin is not known to everyone. Although, in the name of the city of Turin - you can hear the root of “Tur“ or “Tor” - which means bull. On the mosaic, there is a place where tourists are advised to step on and spin around their own axis. Like that, a wish will come true. This place is the bull’s balls. It seems that a tourist will do anything to make their wish come true, and few people remember that the tradition began with the rivalry between Turin and Milan. The Milanese just came here - to crush Turin’s balls.

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This route is suitable for those who come to Milan for a day or for those who stay in the city. We will visit the Dome Square, get acquainted with the architecture of the town, and feel its spirit, born during the formation of independent Italy. We will walk along the quiet streets of the bohemian region of Brera and plunge into urban life in the Castello area. Stories, bars, restaurants, shops, and comfort will accompany us at every step.

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