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This place was the center of the German settlement and the intersection of its two main streets. On the contrary, the illuminated antenna of the modern general staff of the Israeli army and the Ministry of Defense. This complex was the most important military base for the British. In the years after the victory over fascism, when in Eretz Israel they were in a hurry to meet the surviving European Jews in the Holocaust, the British government prohibited the entry of Jews to Palestine. Some Jewish organizations went to extreme measures of armed pressure on the British. An attempt was made to attack this military base. It ended in failure and 4 leaders of the underground were killed. It is in their honor - in honor of four named South Street in Saron - Rehov HaArbaa. Translated with Google Translate

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Dinner in sarona

After a wonderful dinner from the menu of five Asian cuisines, it's nice to stroll through the quiet streets of the ancient German colony of Saron in the heart of modern Tel Aviv Translated with Google Translate

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