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Until 1945 here stooped a luxurious house of Philiphoff. Renting an apartment in Philiphoff, opposite the Opera and Albertina Gallery in the very centre of Vienna, was like living in Manhattan near Central Park. During the bombing of Vienna by the Allied forces in 1945, the building was utterly destroyed and buried about 300 people under its ruins. It was impossible to clean up the rest of the building nor take the bodies of all the victims. In 1947, when Mozart Grinn wrote his novel in the cafe, the Vienna city authorities decided to clear the square and create a Monument Against War and Fascism. This memorial consists of several compositions. One of them is a Jew kneeling and brushing the pavement of Vienna. That is how the Anschluss ended - with the accession of Austria to the Third Reich in the spring of 1938. And that's when the Austrians began times of victims of war and fascism; only then did they not understand it at that time.

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