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Bang Luang Mosque is a historic mosque in Bangkok located in Soi Arun Amarin 7, Thonburi side within Kudi Khao Community by the Khlong Bangkok Yai (formerly Khlong Bang Luang) near mouth of Chao Phraya River, it's also known as Kudi Khao ( white cloister) and Kudi To Yi ( To Yi's cloister).

This mosque was built in the early Rattanakosin period (approx. 1784) during the reign of King Phutthayotfa Chulalok (Rama I) by Muslim merchant named "To Yi". The mosque is decorated with Thai brick and painted in white color, which got the Mosque name. It is the only Thai-style mosque in the world, decorated with three-tiered art including Thai, Chinese and European. There's embodiment of the spirit of the goddess reflecting the devotion of Allah. Furthermore, there're tombs located in front of the mosque and the mosque is now being classified as “Unseen in Bangkok” tourist destination.

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