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Universal Hall of Justice is the seat of the Baha’i faith’s highest religious authority, which governs communities worldwide. Haifa is the world centre of the Baha’i, a relatively young religion founded in Persia in the 19th century. The religion’s prophet, Báb, born Sayyed ‘Alí Muhammad Shírází, is buried in the gold-domed temple known as the Shrine of the Bab. Opposite the gate of the Hall of Justice, unlike the Shrine of the Bab, which is not open to the general public

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If there’s something frustrating about Haifa (and Jerusalem too, for that matter), it is the issue of bicycles. The bicycle, which in Tel Aviv is considered an efficient means of transportation, simply doesn’t work in a city with all slopes and hills. As for those who claim: “nonsense, a little fitness is good for you,” ask them to pedal up Freud Road. That may be why Haifa’s staircases are such an attraction. Dozens connect upper and lower Haifa, helping residents manoeuvre the city. Ironically, the city began developing from the bottom up, starting with Downtown and the German Colony, via Hadar Hacarmel and the neighbourhoods above it to Central Carmel. The staircases offer scenic vantage points, colourful lanes and hidden spots. Instead of wearing yourself out climbing the stairs, proceed from the top and make your way downtown.

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עמותת תיירות ונופש חיפה היא המדריך והידיד הנאמן שלך בעיר לא משנה אם באת להתארח או להשתקע בעיר. פרויקט אטרקציות קיץ הוא רק קצה המזלג של מה שהעיר יכולה להציע וכדאי מאוד לבקר האתר של העמותה בכתובת או לעקוב אחרינו כאן בשביל להיות מעודכנים בכל האירועים וכל המבצעים.
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