Pinsteps. The house on the corner of Augustinerstrasse and Dorotheergasse in Vienna
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The house on the corner of Augustinerstrasse and Dorotheergasse, opposite the commemorative plaque to Jan Sobieski, is the most sinister in Vienna. Here, at the turn of the 17th century, periodically lived Elizabeth Bathory, the "Bloody Countess. Her name is written in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific murderer of a woman of all times and peoples. She allegedly tortured and killed more than 600 virgins to drink their blood and bathe in it, believing that it would preserve her youth and beauty. Some historians believe these accusations were fabricated to slander a powerful woman, but the amount of evidence against her and Bathory's own confessions make her history believable. Moreover, the nearby markets of the city served as a hunting ground for the servant Bathory Fitchko, who played an essential role in ensuring a constant flow of young maids for the countess. With the promise of food, shelter, comfort and safety, young women were offered to serve as a mysterious Countess. Strange sounds often came from this house at night, although no one dared to ask the noblewoman what was happening in her home. Over time, tortures and murders passed into the Batori suburban residence, where she could freely torture her victims and exude their blood to bathe. By the way, stories about blood and bathing were later considered fictional. At the same time, the corpses and exhausted victims were found in her Čachtice castle, where she was taken under arrest. The power and influence of the Batory family (relatives of the Polish king Stefan Batory) helped Elizabeth avoid the trial. Still, she was immured in the room of her castle, where she died four years later. To this day, the place is gloomy and not pleasant.

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