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Cafe Mozart is one of the most ancient Viennese cafes. It was opened in 1794, only three years after the great composer's death, and had another name. But even then, it was a place where all the bohemians met. In 1929 the cafe got the "right" menu and a present-day name. The restaurant's peak popularity was in the late XIX century when it became a meeting place for writers, musicians, and actors. After the Second World War, from 1945 to 1955, the centre of Vienna turned for ten years into a zone of joint occupation of the USSR, the USA, England and France; the famous British journalist and writer Graham Greene worked in the cafe. He wrote the screenplay for the film "The Third Man" here, and the restaurant appeared in the episode of the picture. So, with Green's little help, Vienna became a recognizable symbol of various world intelligence services during the Cold War. Green was a resident of British intelligence since 1940 and a close friend of Kim Philby, a dual agent of Britain and the USSR. Philby died in Moscow and was buried in the Kuntsevo cemetery. Today, Mozart Cafe serves a real Graham Greene's breakfast. Of course, you can also try a scout breakfast, but I advise you to do three things in a cafe: try Viennese coffee, sit in a Viennese chair, and look through a Viennese newspaper.

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