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Total routes: 6

The route begins not far from the famous opera house, runs along Richelieu St...

Duration: 6h 21m
Distance: 10.2 km

What to do in Paris if you have a gloomy and rainy day? Of course there is ho...

Duration: 3h 29m
Distance: 3.45 km

Short shopping trip in Galleries Lafayette and observation visit to grand Ope...

Duration: 2h 39m
Distance: 1.6 km

It was a brightful day. We walked through the squares and parks of old mansio...

Duration: 6h 43m
Distance: 5.23 km

A romantic evening in the Latin quarter will begin from the bridge near the N...

Duration: 3h 6m
Distance: 3.01 km

We will enjoy in autumn and walk around Rue des Petits Champs and it’s galler...

Duration: 2h 6m
Distance: 4.53 km
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