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Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a popular tourist destination known for its architecture, atmosphere and unforgettable beauty. Despite being the 9th largest European city, it has a lot of places for retreat - parks, river banks, promenades, and silent streets. The history of this city connects imperial Buda and simple Pest, which became the most beautiful city at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Budapest is full of interesting facts. Here, for example, one of them. The first subway in continental Europe was built in Budapest. Budapest has beautiful markets, delicious restaurants and an unrivalled pub and bar culture. Hot springs are a must-visit too. Some must-see attractions include The Hungarian Parliament Building: a grand, neo-Gothic building located on the banks of the Danube River. The Buda Castle: a historic castle complex situated on Castle Hill in Buda, featuring the National Gallery and the Hungarian National History Museum. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath: one of the largest thermal bath complexes in Europe, featuring several indoor and outdoor pools. St. Stephen's Basilica: a grand, 19th-century basilica named after the first king of Hungary. The Great Market Hall: an indoor market featuring a wide variety of Hungarian food and souvenirs. As for food, Hungarian cuisine is known for its hearty dishes such as goulash, chimney cake, and langos. In addition to sightseeing and dining, there are many other activities to do in Budapest, such as A boat tour on the Danube River to see the city from a different perspective and take stunning pictures. For a relaxing soak, visit one of the many thermal baths, such as Széchenyi, Gellért or Rudas. Take a walking tour of the city to learn about its history and culture. Finally, visit the Central European University or the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport for a more educational experience. -Enjoy the nightlife in the ruined bars and walk a lot!

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Budapest. From the airport to the center of the city. Arriving at Memories Hotel.

This way is the easiest, the safe, the cheapest, and fastest way to get from Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport to Hotel Memories Budapest - Rumbach Space Events & Conferences. The 100E express bus runs from the airport to the central metro station Deák Ferenc tér, making two intermediate stops on its way at the metro stations Kálvin tér and Astoria M. Hotel Memories is in the ten-minute walk from Astoria station. The bus leaves every ten minutes from the main exit from the airport and runs to the city center. The journey takes about half an hour. 100E departs from the airport to the center from 05:00 AM to 01:20 AM; From the city to the airport: from 03:40 AM to 00:40 AM. Important! At Astoria bus stop, the 100E bus TO THE AIRPORT stops only between 3:42 AM and 4:42 AM. Where to buy 100E bus tickets? At the airport at the front desk of the transport company in terminal 2B. In the purple ticket machine at a bus stop. The ticket machines are located between terminals 2A and 2B. Four more devices were installed almost at the entrance to terminal 2B in the bus by the driver. If you buy tickets in machines, both cards and forints are accepted. The 100E driver sells tickets both for forints and for euros (at the rate of 1 euro - 300 forints, the official rate is 330 forints). A special ticket for a 100E bus costs 900 forints (about € 2.7). No other ticket grants access to the 100E bus. Here you can take a detailed step-by-step route. Download the route to your device, and the application will guide you along the route step by step from start to finish with no need for the internet connection. An arrow indicates your position on the map, and its tip should be directed along the line from stop to stop. When you turn, the indicator turns with you, and you can quickly determine your direction. You can listen to descriptions of stops by pressing the play button. Not yet available for Hebrew on Android devices. Photos at the stops of the route will help you navigate the terrain. Have a nice trip!

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