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Budapest travel app, self-guided tours. Audio guides in Budapest. What to see and do in Budapest, navigation map of Budapest, travelers’ best experiences and photos, walking tours in Budapest, Budapest city guide in your phone. Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash
Total routes: 13

Walk along Buda from Freedom Bridge over Gellert Hill to Buda Castle, Fisherm...

Duration: 3h 38m
Distance: 7.56 km

This route is a quest. Each correct answer to the question opens the way to t...

Duration: 2h 35m
Distance: 3.2 km

A short walk in the evening winter Budapest. We pass Karoli Boulevard, a monu...

Duration: 2h 10m
Distance: 5 km

This way is the easiest, the safe, the cheapest, and fastest way to get from ...

Duration: 0h 29m
Distance: 25.21 km

Часовая неторопливая прогулка до ресторана позволит выделить главные улицы и ...

Duration: 1h 43m
Distance: 2.16 km

A short walk along the most famous route in the city.

Duration: 1h 38m
Distance: 2.09 km

הטיול מתחיל ליד בית הכנסת הגדול ברחוב דוהני (רחוב הטבק), עובר ליד ביתו של בני...

Duration: 2h 7m
Distance: 1.89 km

Sometimes in the evening, it may seem that Budapest is pretty dull. But only ...

Duration: 0h 29m
Distance: 1.99 km

St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest Parliament, Holocaust Victim Monument - Shoe...

Duration: 10h 40m
Distance: 16.01 km

С острова Маргарет отправляемся в Рыбацкий Бастион Будапешта. Здесь немного п...

Duration: 7h 57m
Distance: 23.78 km

Budapest's Great Central Market and Pest Embankment near Liberty Bridge

Duration: 1h 51m
Distance: 2.78 km

A great day walking tour in Budapest, combining the vast historical side of t...

Duration: 4h 0m
Distance: 13.9 km

This track is a walking the route with an audio guide to Budapest. A full-day...

Duration: 3h 26m
Distance: 13.92 km
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