Lapland in five days
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Lapland, a famous province in northern Finland, is the homeland of Christmas magic that, together with the authentic habits of north people, shaped the unique culture of Finns. A breath breaking five-day journey invites you to meet Santa Claus and make a wish, enjoy the beauty of the northern nature and learn about the culture and traditions of the Sami - the original inhabitants of these lands. The tour takes you to explore the modern life of the Finns and its ancient traditions interlineation. On the first day of your trip, you will plunge into the atmosphere of Christmas in Santa Park, where the spirit of never-ending celebration prevails. After that, you will discover the birthplace of Santa Claus - a small village in Rovaniemi. Santa and his helpers, the elves, will demonstrate to you the possession of magic. However, Finland is famous not only for Santa but also for its marvellous nature and art. Therefore, we invite you to visit the cultural house of Korundi on the second day of the trip. You will see how modern Finns convey their view of life through art. Through art, you will understand and feel the spirit of people. Finns take a lot of care of their nature. That is why the Pilke Science Center is must visit. The centre shows playfully what a forest is and what nature can give. Next, the Arktikum Museum will tell us about the history of the northern peoples living in Lapdandia. The museum itself is an architectural landmark. Lordi Square, named after the popular Finn hard rock group, will be the endpoint of the second day. Finland has the incredible greatness of nature that you should admire! Our tour takes you to the Korouoma nature reserve, Pallas - Yllastunturi and the Lemmenjoki national park. These places leave some of the most vital impressions on the trip. Ranua Zoo is the sweet home of the different kinds of northern animals. Then we will head to the city of Kem to visit a local masterpiece of modern architecture - the Kemi Church. It is a magnificent building that can seat about 1000 people and hosts organ music concerts. For lovers of sports activities, we offer the Ylläs ski resort - one of the most comfortable ski resorts in Finland. If you expect to find yourself in an accurate fairy tale, visit ice made restaurant made of blocks of ice, where you can enjoy Finnish cuisine and admire the skills of ice sculptors. Our tour will end with a hike to the Siida Museum and a trip to Ukonkivi Island. These spots discover how the Sami live, what happened in Lapland several decades ago and how the culture of modern Finland was formed.

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Пятидневное путешествие по Лапландии день 4й

Сегодня вам на выбор предлагается посетить один из самых крупных горнолыжных курортов – Юлляс. Этот курорт знаменит большим количеством разнообразных трасс, так что каждый от новичка, до профессионала сможет подобрать для себя идеальный маршрут.

Те туристы, кому хотелось бы поближе познакомиться с удивительной природой Финляндии, добро пожаловать в Паллас – Юллястунтури! Огромный парк с большим количеством завораживающих пейзажей. По всему парку можно найти десятки пешеходных троп, прогуливаясь по которым, вы почувствуете единение с природой и вдохновитесь удивительными видами.

А в конце путешествия вы попадете в отель SnowVillage – это комплекс, построенный изо льда и снега, на территории которого находится ресторан, где можно насладиться финской кухней, разглядывая интерьер, выполненный полностью изо льда.

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Пятидневное путешествие по Лапландии день 5й
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