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Night Jaffa. Pubs, bars, food, fashion, design.

Description: Jaffa, in the evening, on the streets of the flea market, becomes a completely different city. Midday noise, scorching sun, trade and junk disappear, and restaurants, boutiques, bars appear in the laboratory and people's faces become noticeable, and their smiles, music is heard and the aroma of wine appears in the air. Translated with Google Translate
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The clock tower in Jaffa was timed to the 25th anniversary of the reign of the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1900. Whether the sultan reigned well, or celebrated magnificently, but such towers with a clock were erected almost all over Palestine. In Haifa in Jerusalem in Acre and even in Safed. A well-known Jewish merchant from Morocco Yosef Bey Muyal was making watches on them. Translated with Google Translate
Ramesses Restaurant
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By eight o'clock in the evening local restaurants begin to fill up. Within ten minutes there is no longer where the apple will fall, but when it comes to Friday, it is better to book a place in advance. This is a large bar restaurant with corporate decoration of the Broken Fingaz group, a graffiti of masters known for their work in London and Los Angeles. There is a bar, a bar with cold snacks and a restaurant from the chef of the legendary Tel Aviv Toto. But if you are not hungry and do not expect something special, if you are not 35 or higher, then do not oversleep. Further you will find many more interesting places. Translated with Google Translate
There is nothing easier in Jaffa than falling into a bar. But the bar bar is different. There is a public, there is music, there are drinks and there is a company. If you are looking for just a drink, without posture and obligations - then you are here. Translated with Google Translate
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Bino Gabso, known as Dr. Shakshuk, was born in Jaffa to a couple from Libya who immigrated to Israel in the early 1950s. Gabso grew up in the kitchen of his father in the family restaurant Tripoli. Creativity cooking burned in a boy and at the age of 11 he stopped studying and began working in a restaurant. In 1991, Bino Gabso founded his first restaurant specializing in Tripolitan cuisine and called it “Dr. Shakshuka as a virtuoso specialization in the preparation of your main course. The restaurant's menu is varied and consists of salads, fish, couscous, grilled meat and, of course, shakshuki. Everything is delicious, colorful and fresh. Translated with Google Translate
Antique furniture
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Antique furniture with carving and ornateness. With convenience and luxury, with quirks and secrets. Here you can see the chair of the beginning of the last century, the secretary - and at the same time find out what it is, candelabra and dressing tables. Copper and bronze dishes and antique sets for 16 persons. The spirit of another world seems to be dragged away by its frozen antiquity. He ingrained himself in the upholstery of the chairs, splashed with age spots on the plane of the mirrors, settled on chandelier hangers and reclined on the polishing of the table. Here everything is antique. Translated with Google Translate
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One of the hotels network Atlas. Each hotel of this network has its own theme. Each has its own atmosphere. In each cozy. This hotel is located on Beit Echel Street, next to the Jaffa Clock Tower and the Flea Market. The atmosphere of the hotel is fully consistent with this content. In addition, under the glass floor of the lobby, are the archaeological sites of the Byzantine chapel, which further underlines the historical antiquity. Influenced by the unique spirit of Jaffa and the lively market atmosphere, the design of the hotel immerses guests in the unhurried east of the English colonial style where everything is high quality, good and expensive. Translated with Google Translate
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Boutique interesting things. Here the name fully justifies the essence. Inspired by the atmosphere of the flea market Jaffa, this pleasant store of different things, like a junk shop, but everything is new and modern. Designer tricks of completely different subjects peacefully coexist on the basis of a common love of beauty and comfort, a combination of form and color and support some kind of secret price arrangement. It's nice here. It is beautiful here. A bit unusual. Translated with Google Translate
Hummus bar
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A small lane that does not even have a name, but only a cadastral number. Here is one of the entrances to the covered part of the flea market, here is a riot of graffiti and several very small and quiet establishments where local youth hang out. Restaurants are not at all entourage. Everything to the impossible is simple and democratic. It seems that the furnishings are made by local craftsmen, who are in that much, and it is difficult to call it an interior. However, the indescribable friendliness and simplicity of these places and the people in them bribes with its immediacy and invites you to just sit down. You may not find value in drinking and eating here, but relax in the atmosphere. Translated with Google Translate
Thailand Beach
Thailand Beach
In the middle of Jaffa, at a flea market, quite unexpectedly, a real Thai bar grows out of the ground. If you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself in Thailand. A riot of colors, tastes, fruits. Alcoholic and non-coctails, yogurts, juices, salads and, since you are still not in Thailand, but in Israel, of course, homemade dried foods, preserves, pickles, jars, bottles in different ways taste and color. Translated with Google Translate
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Margoza is a veteran. He is known, honored and there is always a wealthy public. Despite the fact that Margoza has long established itself well, he does not age, maintains high quality and loves to pamper customers. His design is beautiful and a little restrained, the lighting is dim and intimate, and the music is correct. On the street there are several tables, and inside a long bar. Margosa is known for such dishes as: falafel medallions stuffed with goat cheese; cream assorted asparagus with yogurt, onion and garlic; chicken spinach with somak and onions, pine nuts and walnuts, served with focaccia, baked on the spot; Cherez sausages made from veal with french fries and other surprises. Translated with Google Translate
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Pua is a little old-fashioned cafe. As when that. It opened in 1999 and will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary! - a rare phenomenon in the city of Tel Aviv. Menu "Pua" is not pretentious. It is homemade, nutritious, healthy and modest. For example, such simple motifs as tahini and braised tomatoes, chicken pieces in curry sauce, spinach with tahini, lentil salad, caramelized bananas and a wide selection of Israeli wines from boutique wineries. Many guests who visit Pua are regular customers and market visitors. The design is full of decorative objects, antiques, things from the past and forgotten simplicity and comfort: serving dishes, paintings on the wall, antique furniture, amazing boxes and even special clothes. By the way, all this can be bought. In the middle of wearing you can get to the "performance of the invited chef." In the summer months you can enjoy live performances. At such evenings here they say: “It is pleasant for you to sit for a little (or a lot) in Pua! Translated with Google Translate
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Cipher is a store for two types of people. The first are those who love and know how to cook. The latter are those who know a lot about food. The first will be able to find almost everything here for the realization of any culinary fantasy, and the second, having left the doors of this establishment, will immediately rush to search for a good restaurant, because it is not possible to restrain the appetite that has played out in Shifr. The cipher is reasonably divided by subject. Next to the wine - cheeses. Next to the spices - nuts. Jam and jam homework almost everywhere. Fresh vegetables, which simply invite to cook something from them, will be seized right at the entrance, and all sorts of trinkets for the kitchen and cool dishes will make even the anti gourmet himself think: “Wouldn’t I try to cook something like that ?!” Translated with Google Translate
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Raisa is not just a flea market restaurant. Raisa is first and foremost a chef. The concept of Uri Levy, who worked in Paris at the restaurant L'atelier de Joel Robuchon - fusion. A mixture of different styles, cuisines, tastes, shapes, colors and smell. Raisa is not only a variety of menus depending on the time of day, but also a pub serving excellent cocktails. Live music and special theme parties are heard in Raisa. Translated with Google Translate
Faruk basuk
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We come to the most rave and popular pubs and bars of old Jaffa. This place is famous for its "red" atmosphere and nothing but fun is not connected with this, as not to look for some kind of double or deep meaning. Everything is very simple: before lunch breakfast - the main nail of which is shakshuka and after lunch, through the break, evening and night menu. Mostly drinks and various dishes, so as not to get drunk and enjoy the beautiful music in a live performance. Translated with Google Translate
Marche da jaffa
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A lovely boutique shop in the heart of the market. He is called so in the French Jaffa Market. There are always fresh vegetables, homemade spices, jams and spreads, various pickles, cheeses and smoked cereals, legumes - all in small quantities, everything is fresh and everything for those who rent an apartment in this particular area of the city, where lightness, simplicity, old and unhurriedness intertwined together, imbued with the spirit of the flea market, left behind worries and answered the question about the level of happiness: “Very”, without thinking about the price of the question. Translated with Google Translate
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The design company Sophie was founded 19 years ago as a manufacturer and importer of household products. About 7 years ago, the Sofi store was opened, combining the work of modern Israeli designers and manufacturers of household items from around the world. Things in Sophie's house are distinguished by bright colors, softness, humor and joy. They give a feeling of what was in the past, and at the same time, they are modern and fashionable. Among the imported Sofi products is the Danish company Rice DK, known for its high-quality and colorful melamine products and handmade baskets. The concept of Danish design is expressed in the belief that the color in the house brings happiness to the daily routine. You will also find products from other well-known design companies: Kitsch Kitchen from the Netherlands Wu & Wu from England. It is cozy and nice here and no one will pester you with an annoying desire to help when you just want to see. Translated with Google Translate
Here are just three iconic pubs Jaffa Asia, Shafa and Akbar. Asia is a place for shanti, for meditation, for leisure and depth. Asia is the same and appropriate food, atmosphere and drinks. Translated with Google Translate
Shafa is a place for people aged 35 plus. With good music, live shows and good drinks, and food. Translated with Google Translate
Akbar - a place for DJs-lykhachey, noisy parties and loud people. Here comes the youth, mostly 20 years old, a lot of English and French. Translated with Google Translate
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Malabia is the place where Malabi is made and served - the most authentic Arabic or Turkish dessert. Everyone has long forgotten where this delicacy comes from, and local Arabs and Turks are tired of arguing about who gave Jaffa this tradition, but legend has it that Malabi (muhallebi) was introduced to Arabic cuisine at the end of the seventh century by Persian culinary, who served in the kitchen of an Arab commander named al-Muhallab bin Abi Sufr. He liked this delicacy very much and he called it by his name. The earliest recipes of the tenth century muhallebi are presented in three options: milk pudding, milk pudding with ground rice, milk with rice grains and chicken, as well as egg custard without rice. Translated with Google Translate
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The building on Yefet with high arches In this building on the second floor on July 26, 1903, the first branch of the Anglo-Palestinian company was opened, which in time will become the Anglo Palestinian Bank, which will become the Bank of Leumi. Almost a year ago, before this event by Zalman David Levontin in February 1902, this company was established in London as the Treasury of the Jewish settlement movement in Palestine - the financial executive committee of the Jewish Zionist Congress, led by Theodor Hertzel. It was in a room with three high arches that this company began its activities. Translated with Google Translate
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Abulafia Bakery is a cult place and a symbol of Jaffa. This is one of the oldest constantly working bakeries in Israel. It was founded in 1879. The founder was an Arab boy - a servant in the house of a well-known Abulafia family, who gave him a generic name. An interesting feature of the history of the bakery is the fact that it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is also interesting that since the establishment of the state of Israel, the bakery closes twice a year on Judgment Days and on Pesach as a sign of solidarity with the Jewish inhabitants of the country and as a memory and tribute to the Jewish family of Abulafia, who gave her servant a name, money and a start. Translated with Google Translate
Sultanov Fountain
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Sybil Suleiman was built at the beginning of the 19th century in honor of the legendary ruler Akko Suleiman Pasha. This Sibil is part of the Mahmudiya Mosque - the largest mosque in Jaffa and the third largest in Palestine. The Yafa fairy tale, about the origin of which everyone has already forgotten, says that the ruler of the city of Abu Nabut remained behind the city gates, which were locked when darkness fell, and the guards did not let him into the city, observing the strictest ban. Abu Nabut was thirsty, and the guards only made fun of him. The next morning, entering the city, Nabut ordered to collect all the residents and the two guards who were bothering him and ordered to bring sacks of gold to the town square. He rewarded the guards with gold in front of all residents, for jealously guarding the city’s gates and not letting him in and ordering to execute them for making fun of him. And the remaining gold spent on the construction of Sybil, so that those who can not enter the city had something to drink. Translated with Google Translate
The setai
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We are completing our walk in the evening Jaffa near the super modern and super expensive and super luxurious new hotel in Jaffa - Settai. They say it's worth it. Everything is fine there. Here at the corner are two old English mailboxes. They are traditionally red. After the installation of this luxury hotel, the inhabitants of Jaffa began to joke that they had to drop a letter in these old English boxes with a request to visit the Settai Hotel at least sometime. They say that at least sometime this wish will come true. When the boxes stop blushing. Translated with Google Translate
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