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Night Jaffa. Pubs, bars, food, fashion, design.


Jaffa, in the evening, on the streets of the flea market, becomes a completely different city. Midday noise, scorching sun, trade and junk disappear, and restaurants, boutiques, bars appear in the laboratory and people's faces become noticeable, and their smiles, music is heard and the aroma of wine appears in the air. Translated with Google Translate

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The clock tower in Jaffa was timed to the 25th anniversary of the reign of the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1900. Whether the sultan reigned well, or celebrated magnificently, but such towers with a clock were erected almost all over Palestine. In Haifa in Jerusalem in Acre and even in Safed. A well-known Jewish merchant from Morocco Yosef Bey Muyal was making watches on them. Translated with Google Translate

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