Places to visit in Ramat Gan, Mitzpe Ramon

My trip in Ramat Gan, Mitzpe Ramon of Aug 15, 2020


It was wonderful adventure!

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Nice place where you can stay with your own tent or rent a house. Very clean restrooms and showers with hot water

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David Ben-Gurion, who declared the establishment of the state of Israel and became its first prime minister, was arguably one of the most outstanding figures of the 20th century. Not only did he dream that the Negev could flourish, he and Paula practiced what he preached by becoming members of Kibbutz Sde Boker in 1953. In 1963 the couple retired to a modest ‘hut’ on the kibbutz, where they lived a simple life-style that amazed the bevy of world leaders who visited Ben-Gurion at home over the years.

En Avdat National Park encompasses the Tsin Stream, at the north-western end of the Tsinim Cliffs – a long escarpment that rises to a height of 100 m or more, between Avdat Heights and the Tsin Valley. The park covers an area of 4,800 dunams. It was declared in 1972 (including the family grave of David and Paula Ben Gurion).

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The Alpaca Farm has one of the largest herds of alpacas and llamas in the world, with the alpacas here living approximately 30% longer than they do in most other places in the world. The desert is surprisingly hospitable for the animals, and with little natural grass to feed on, it offers the opportunity for visitors to the farm to feed the animals as they walk around. A working, farm, the wool of the alpacas is woven to create authentic garments. It is incredibly high quality, among the highest quality wools in the world, and the weaving factory is also open for visitors to explore.


Some of the cheeses are made especially as a high-quality raw material for the use of the restaurant's kitchen. The development of the menu was as a follow up to the house cooking, with the emphasis of using local made and fresh ingredients.

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