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Zichron Ya'akov is one of the first Jewish settlements in the modern history of Eretz Yisrael. It was founded in 1882 with the money of Baron Rothschild and named Zichron Yaakov in memory of the father of Baron Rothschild - James (Yaakov). In December 1882, Christian Arab from Haifa, sold land in the village of Zammarin (translated from Arabic as "flutist") to one hundred Jewish settlers from Romania, members of the Hovevei Zion organization. At the end of the deal, the settlers owned six hectares of land on the hill, and some plots in the bottom. Despite all the efforts and enthusiasm of the colonists, the soil did not become fertile, there was a lack of agricultural tools, there were no draft cattle, and despair grew among the pioneers. At this time, Baron Maurice von Hirsch, a native of Munich, who was an enthusiast of the Jewish colonization of South America, visited the settlement He provided small material assistance to the settlers and offered them to move to Argentina at his expense, but most of the colonists refused. After the visit of Baron Hirsch, the settlers turned to the famous Jewish philanthropist from France - Baron Edmond de Rothschild, who did not admire the idea of settling Eretz Yisrael at that time, nevertheless responded to the request. The lands of the village were transferred to the possession of Baron Rothschild, and his managers came to Zammarin. They started to develop the settlement by building a school, a pharmacy, and implement economic initiatives. After the construction of the synagogue in 1886, the colony was named Zichron Ya'akov in memory of the baron's father. Today, as in the days of the baron, the village is called "France on the Carmel." It continues to produce wine, and the city center is teeming with cafes, restaurants, and art galleries.

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Родился в Киеве, взросление прошло в Израиле. Жизнь течёт в моем любимом городе Хайфе. Гид, музыкант, отец. Люблю то, чем занимаюсь и занимаюсь тем, что люблю – звуки, образы, люди.
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Yad LeMeyasdim, Zichron Yaakov
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Yad leMeyasdim (monument to the founders of Zichron Yaakov and other colonies during the time of First Aliyah) The First Aliyah, which took place in 1882, is the first massive wave of Jewish immigration to Israel. It was caused by the strengthening of the ideas of Zionism, and the impetus for this was a wave of Jewish pogroms. About thirty-five thousand Jews immigrated to the territory of Turkish Palestine. Most of the pioneers belonged to the Zionist movements and came from eastern Europe. In front of you is a building in the form of an unfolded scroll. It is a monument to the founders of the village. Today it houses the historical archive. Outside, the walls of the building are decorated with ceramic panels depicting scenes from the history of Zichron Yaakov, and the names of the settlers are engraved on them.

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