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Yaar Hakdoshim and Flam Winery


This track is a short walk in one of the most beautiful forests in the center of the country. The trail begins with a visit to the Flam family winery, created and operating in the best traditions of the Tuscan chateau. Here you can taste wines, equip a picnic basket, or simply have a delicious meal while enjoying the beautiful views and unique atmosphere. From here, a several kilometers long path runs through a picturesque forest along the Kissalon stream, which is gorgeous and shady at any time of the year, and in winter, a stream gurgles along the road. The Bnei Brit cave and the Bnei Brit picnic are our next stop from where you can climb one of the highest points and observe a beautiful view of the Jerusalem mountains and the Shfela foothills. The winery is closed on Saturday.

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Yana Vashkevich (author)
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1h 55 m
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Flam Winery is the best example of a family-run winery. It is located in the foothills of the Jerusalem mountains and has vineyards both in the immediate vicinity and the north of the country in the Upper Galilee. The father of the family, Israel Flam, has worked for many years at the historic Carmel winery. In the course of his activity, he was sent to South Africa with his family and got acquainted with the local viticulture. The eldest son was born in South Africa, and his destiny was forever linked with vineyards and winemaking. Soon after founding their family winery, Flam recruited their youngest son and daughter to work, claiming that the family is the best environment in which a real chosen wine can develop. The winery is closed on Saturday.

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