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Mysteries of the Christian Quarter - Photography Workshop


The old city of Jerusalem is intriguing and offers an unparalleled abundance of photography opportunities. Its buildings and population, the changing lights, its colors are all a photographer’s heaven.

Hello!!! I'm Pini, an experienced photographer specializing in street and stage-arts photography. I love telling stories through images; I love talking about the art of photography; and I love to travel. The combination of these three loves is what brought this workshop to life. Now I’m inviting you to join me for a journey of photo shooting as we explore the hidden secrets that nestle in the narrow streets of old Jerusalem. I’ll take you through Jerusalem’s famous sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Ethiopian Church and to the places it keeps concealed. We’ll hone our photography skills, find new perspectives, create new compositions and of course, explore the perfect spots for the perfect picture.

Take your mobile phone (you can bring your camera too :)), grab your good walking shoes and join me in a photographic workshop adventure

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Hello, I'm Pini - your photography guide today. Nice to meet you :).

Before we start some info on out route and how to use the application

Our route has a starting point, 17 points of interest and an end point which is located in the same place as the starting point.

In each point you will find: - A route map is embedded that together with written walking directions you will find your way easily - A panorama view that will help you to make sure you arrived at the next point - Instructions, explanations and Illustrative photos - you can also press the “PLAY” button and I or Cindy my friend will read them for you (depends on who is on duty today :)) - Additional information elaborating on the place you are at

The navigating from point to point is through the NEXT / PREVIOUS buttons

We are now in Jaffa Gate, some information about this place you can read in the link below.

Before we start some initial photography tips:

  1. Clean your lens!!! Your mobile is frequently in your pockets and therefore may not be clean - so take a soft fabric and clean now your lens.

  2. Stability is important to take sharp and not fuzzy photos. So, today when you will take photos please hold your mobile with both hands. In this way you will reduce the motion blur.

  3. Before you take a photo, think - why do you want to shoot? Is it something funny, something that makes you sad or there is something you want to say. Now after you figure out why, take the photo.

Some SAFETY information - The streets of the old city of Jerusalem are paved with uneven stones and therefore watch your step as you go and bring with you good walking shoes that well support your feet. In addition please watch your belongings and valuables.

Let's go!!! We head towards the market entrance. Enter through the gate, you are on David street - on your right you will see the Tower of David. You can start taking photos of what you see around you. Hold your mobile with both hands and think why do you want to take the photo you are about to shoot.

Walk about 100 meters to the market entrance.

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