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One day tour in New York City. Welcome to blockbuster.


If you like walking, this tour is for you. Get ready to get into the movie. You will walk in the parks, see the best views of the city, eat delicious food and walk along the most beautiful buildings of this city.

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A huge oasis in the middle of a stone jungles. You can spend several hours there. This is one of the largest parks in the USA, which is annually visited by 25 million tourists. Everything seems so natural here, in fact. almost all landscapes are created by specialists. There are several artificial lakes, a large number of alleys, and even a corner of "untouched wildlife."

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The famous museum, located in the park, entrance fee ($ 25), I highly recommend visiting. One of the largest art museums in the world. The museum has three largest collections - 174 works of European painting, among which were works by Hals, Van Dyck, Tiepolo and Poussin. Here you can also visit the Costume Institute, known for its annual Met Gala shows in New York. For the lovers of Asian culture, I advise you to go to a part of the museum with an Asian collection that contains more than 35,000 exhibits.

The best observation point in the city, I advise you to visit it in the morning so that there are fewer people and you can take photos with incredible views.

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This building is prettier than the Empire. I advise you to take a walk there! Here since 1930 Chrysler Corporation has been located. The building is an example of Art Deco architecture. The peculiar ornamentation of the tower repeats the motifs of the design of the caps on the wheel disks of the Chrysler cars of that time. This is one of the best examples of the Art Deco period in the architecture of New York, the most beautiful period in the development of the city.

The same station that you have seen in many the films. You should definitely come inside! This is the oldest station in New York, built in 1913. The building in the style of Beaux Arts will is really special.

The world’s famous crossroad. There are always a lot of tourists, but you should definitely come here at once and take a selfie.

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The second favorite building in New York. It is made in the shape of an iron. The authors of the project - architects from Chicago Daniel Burnham and Frederick Dinkelberg embodied many features of the Chicago city style in a skyscraper. Initially, the skyscraper was given the official name "Fuller Building", bur nobody used it. The building, as well as the site, evoked strong associations with the iron in the townspeople, which ultimately gave the skyscraper its current name.

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This is something for lovers of beautiful architecture. You can go inside for free with online booked tickets. This is one of the latest modern buildings in New York. Inside, it looks like the honeycomb – 154 flights of stairs, galleries and 80 sites, which offer views of the panorama of New York City. The architects say that they were inspired by ancient Indian architecture and call the building "three-dimensional public space". There are shops and restaurants inside the building.

An elevated linear park greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. This park is really unique, I advise you to start the journey from the Vessel.

You can end your walk with dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants - Olio e Piu Restaurant. Beautiful interiors and delicious meals are guaranteed.

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