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Third Day In Budapest


A great day walking tour in Budapest, combining the vast historical side of the city, as well as a dive into the modern and alternative side. The tour starts at the famous Jewish Quarter of Budapest. Although it held, and to this day, holds a tragic story of the city's past, the quarter has re-emerged into the city's scene as a place for youth, parties and amazing street food. During the walk we will see the landmarks of the Jewish history of Hungary, learn about the tragedies and heroism heroic stories that happened during WW2, all along catching glimpses of current street art and ruin-bars, a truly unique experience that can be had only in this part of the city. To further feel the different sides Budapest has to offer, we will walk on the Andrassy Blvd, which some may say is the Champs Elysees of Budapest. The walk will take u straight to the Hero's Square, from where we will dive into a beautiful park, holding inside different gems, such as the zoo, the Botanical Garden and Vajdahunyad Castle. To finishoff a wonderful day, we will sit down for some cake and coffee at the amazingly beautiful and world famous New York Cafe.

Languages: EN
Author & Co-authors
Emily Praisman (author)
13.9 km
4h 0 m
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