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Nahal Telchid Wadi Piran Circular from the Jordan Valley road


The route starts at an organized parking lot next to the Jordan Valley road, rising and falling down to the Jordan Valley road. This route is a short circular route of Wadi Lower Pyramid and Wadi Piran. A beautiful flowering is seen along the path during the winter and spring months and this is the best time to stroll through the reserve. Must take into account the security and safety arrangements. The route passes through the territories beyond the Green Line. The trails in the Jordan Valley and the northern sea are in a region that is considered relatively quiet without special security problems. The security situation may change at any moment, and preparations must be made accordingly. The route of the trip should be coordinated with the IDF, even if the route does not pass through fire zones, and there is a high probability of encountering Palestinian shepherds and their families. The route description should not be considered a recommendation for its implementation. Translated with Google Translate

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Start of the route

Parking is arranged around a single tree. On the southern side of the parking lot is a blue marked path, parallel to the road. After about 100 m walk, this trail turns up Nahal Telchid Translated with Google Translate

It was run by Nahal Telchid
It was run by Nahal Telchid

At this point a path marked green is separated from the path adjacent to the Jordan Valley road from the west and leads a few hundred meters to the beginning of the Wadi Piran route. We ascend along Nahal Telchid Canyon. Translated with Google Translate

On the steep slope of Nahal Tlachid
On the steep slope of Nahal Tlachid

The path passes under a large rock, and falls into a line of deep brows, some of which pass after floods require real swimming. If we do not want to swim, we will have to retreat a bit (above the point where the path passes under a large rock) and identify a point where you can climb to the south bank of the stream. Translated with Google Translate

Turning Point
Turning Point

On the northern bank of the stream is a prominent cave, and a little later the trail passes through a beautiful concentration of the Gilboa Iris, which blooms in the cliffs of the stream (mainly on the southern bank). Translated with Google Translate

Nahal Thalchid Stream and Wadi Piran Trail
Nahal Thalchid Stream and Wadi Piran Trail

Marking the "transparent" paths (2 white stripes interspersed with no color) turns us right (east) to a beautiful observation point on the Jordan Valley and the Gilad Mountains. Translated with Google Translate

Nahal Thalchid Stream and Wadi Piran Trail

Along a shallow channel on the border between a rocky rocky area to the east and the area of Karei Usab to the west. In the area there are many shrubs of Rotem HaMidbar and Halibim Rutami. At the end of the climb we will reach the area of grass and bloom. At the beginning of March there is a magnificent field of chrysanthemums, and above it the red spots of Asian light blooms. Translated with Google Translate

Descending the Wadi Piran route
Descending the Wadi Piran route

At the top of the canyon, we can see the cliffs of the early-mid-March the spectacular blossoming of the Gilboa Iris, which reaches the southern border of this region Translated with Google Translate

Flowering Wadi Firan

The path that descends in the Kenyon River, along which are prominent bushes of spiny August. Here and there, the path marked by waterfalls and large rocks, sometimes with the help of a level, increases, and at one point passes under a large rock hanging above the channel. Translated with Google Translate

End of the Wadi Piran route

Alongside a path, in front of the monument, is a raspberry bush, a rare and poisonous shrub of the Escalphic family, reminiscent of Rotem the Desert. In this area we will begin to meet also a lush flowering of springy nipple in spring. Translated with Google Translate

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