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Haifa. The Quest.


Through this quest, you will discover the unique character of the city, where a mix of religious, Turkish British Germans Arabs and Jews created one of the most motley and tolerant cities in Israel.

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Zhenya Shmuter (author)
Родился в Киеве, взросление прошло в Израиле. Жизнь течёт в моем любимом городе Хайфе. Гид, музыкант, отец. Люблю то, чем занимаюсь и занимаюсь тем, что люблю – звуки, образы, люди.
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1h 7 m
Places with media
Mané Katz Museum
Uploaded by Zhenya Shmuter

Information: Immanuel (Mane) Katz is a "Jewish impressionist" who was born in Ukraine to a family of a synagogue servant. He graduated from the Kiev Art School, moved to Paris in 1913, was a volunteer in the French army during World War II. in 1958 moved to Israel. He bequeathed his works and his private art collection including Judaica objects to the city of Haifa.

Question: What art school did Mane-Katz belong to: 1. Israeli 2. Berlin 3. Parisian

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