Places to visit in Golling an der Salzach, Kuchl, Grödig

My trip in Golling an der Salzach, Kuchl, Innsbruck of Sep 29, 2018


From Salzburg to Innsbruck, on the way Gollinger Falls, It was a wonderful adventure! Translated with Google Translate

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Wasserfall gollinger
Wasserfall gollinger

This is one of the most beautiful and largest waterfalls in Austria. Entry fee, hours of operation and cost in the information below. Translated with Google Translate

There are several routes in the reserve, we went upstairs and descended the same path. Translated with Google Translate

Water Mill
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Even in the last century, the valley of the Salzach river looked different than today. She, as in the picture, was woven from shreds of fields. The Golling district provided itself with agricultural products. Grain milled in seven mills along the river Schwarzbach. Before us is the last mill, which is preserved with two water wheels. It was built in 1618. Locals worship St. Nicholas here. He is the patron of the millers. Translated with Google Translate

The height of the waterfall is 76 meters. It creates a stream Schwarzbach. Black River. Translated with Google Translate

Waterfall diverges into several streams. Starting up in a karst cave, the roof of which collapsed and the river found itself in a huge natural trench. Translated with Google Translate

Thanks to its unique beauty, the waterfall in Golling has been a favorite place for romantic walks for more than 200 years. He quickly became a popular motif for artists of romanticism. The first picture of the waterfall was painted by Ferdinand Olivier in 1815. Translated with Google Translate

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The Austrian successor to the throne, Franz Ferdinand, was a passionate hunter. He loved to hunt deer in these places: in the forest of the Hochkönig mountain, and also at the foot of the Göl mountain. Legend has it that on August 27, 1913, Franz Ferdinand predetermined his early death by shooting white chamois on a hunt. The old hunting belief says that the shooter of such a rare animal will die within a year. The heir to the throne died only ten months later. On June 28, 1914, Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were killed in Sarajevo, and World War I began. Translated with Google Translate

This waterfall is also called Schwarzbachfall, and is located north of the Göllmassiv mountain range. The stream Schwarzbach, at a distance of a little less than 200 meters upstream, flows in a mystical grotto, called the witness. Translated with Google Translate

They say that here the special magic of water becomes even more fascinating. Who stops in this place is rewarded with a charming view of the spray that the sunlight transforms into a glowing cascade. Translated with Google Translate

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At the exit to the valley a stream bends around the town of Golling where the pilgrimage church of St. Nicholas (Wallfahrtskirche St. Nikolaus) stands. It is first mentioned in the annals of 1444. At the exit of the stream from the cleft, on a high rock, stands the pilgrimage church of St. Nicholas (Wallfahrtskirche St. Nikolaus). This temple is first mentioned in historical documents of 1444. The modern look of the late Gothic church was acquired in 1517, and the characteristic baroque bell tower with an onion dome was added in 1724. Translated with Google Translate


This is the witch grotto and the highest and final point of the path. From here there is a beautiful view of the valley and the church of St. Nicholas the patron saint of the millers. Translated with Google Translate


Spa Hotel Innsbruck Translated with Google Translate

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