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Stallburg is a Renaissance building between Josefsplatz and Mayplattsts. This is part of the Hofburg Palace. Initially, it housed the living quarters of the Archduke Maximilian, later the Emperor Maximilian II. They were built in the years 1558-1565. From 1659 to 1776, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm placed his art collection in Stoburg. It will form the core of the later Kunsthistorisches Museum. Later, the building became the Imperial stable, in which the imperial horses lived, and even today it is still used by the Spanish riding school (Spanische Hofreitschule). Translated with Google Translate

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From Cafe Mozart to the Hungarian House of the Blood Countess. My trip in Vienna of Sep 25, 2018.

A short walk through the imperial Vienna. The Opera, the Royal Park, the palace of the Augsburg dynasty and the sinister history of the bloody countess Translated with Google Translate

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