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Still, Saint Rupert of Worms, in 650, came to the Roman colony of Yuvavum, founded a monastery at the foot of the mountain, where, according to legend, the early Christian martyr Maxim and his disciples perished. It was Rupert who discovered in the caves of the mountain salt deposits, which formed the basis of the economy of the monastery, and the place was given the name Salzburg - the city of salt. His disciples and followers carried the faith further east and among them Virgil Irish - the educator of the Croats. So, the barbarian Odoacer completed the history of the Roman Empire. He deposed the emperor, and in the cave under the castle at the foot of the mountain of monks, he killed the martyr Maxim and his disciples. After almost three hundred years, the Christian faith will rise in this place, and through it the Holy Roman Empire thanks to the preacher Rupert, who founded Salzburg, and even three hundred years later, a fortress will arise here, which is destined to become a stronghold of Catholicism for the next eight centuries. Translated with Google Translate

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It was wonderful adventure! Translated with Google Translate

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