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A little less than a hundred years before the birth of Maria Theresa and the disappointed exclamation of her father, Emperor Charles VI: "This is just a girl!" in Vienna, a certain Abraham from Santa Clara was known at court. He was born in 1644, in the year when a pupil of Galileo Galilei invented a barometer, and the teacher himself had been dead for two years, having gone from life, and had not proved to the whole world that the earth was spinning around the sun. Abraham from Santa Clara was a court preacher. He had the reputation of being clever, caustic and sarcastic. The pseudonym itself is worth: Abraham from Santa Clara. It is believed that he was imitated by local priests in all the Austro-Hungarian cities and villages, and eventually even a special Austro-Hungarian style was formed. Perhaps he left his mark on the way of thinking and attitude to life. Spiteful sarcasm mixed with pensive contemplation. What only is the most outstanding follower of this style, who worked at the turn of the imperial XIX and the treacherous XX centuries - Yaroslav Hasek. Hans Shvatte - the sculptor of this monument created it in 1928, when, almost 10 years after the collapse of the empire, awareness of events and processes that seemed so natural in its time began to come. Translated with Google Translate

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From Cafe Mozart to the Hungarian House of the Blood Countess. My trip in Vienna of Sep 25, 2018.

A short walk through the imperial Vienna. The Opera, the Royal Park, the palace of the Augsburg dynasty and the sinister history of the bloody countess Translated with Google Translate

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