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From here there is a beautiful view of the city. At the foot of the hill are several monasteries, among them is the convent abbey Nonnberg (Mount Nuns). Its foundation is attributed to Rupert’s sister, Erentrude. It was thanks to one of the nuns of the monastery, Maria Augustus Kucera, who later married captain von Trapp, that the monastery gained international fame. The fact is that according to the book of Mary, the famous film “The Sound of Music” was shot. And on the opposite bank of the Salzach there is the mountain of the Capuchins and the corresponding monastery. And if you look further east - the missionaries of Salzburg turned their eyes there. Among them is the famous Huniald the Irish. Like Virgil - the successor of Rupert, he converted to Christianity a whole Jewish town Judenburg (not far from Graz). The church of this city still keeps inscriptions on its stones, carved in Hebrew. Indeed, before becoming a church, it was a synagogue. And the city’s coat of arms depicts a Jew. The anti-Podzdny coast became the city center already at the time of the dawn of the Habsburg empire and Salzburg firmly established itself on the “that” coast in the 17th century. On the other side, our campaign will end. Translated with Google Translate

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