Archbishop Frederick III created in 1327 the Salzburg Civil Hospital. It was the first half of the terrible XIV century, when the plague claimed a third of the lives of city dwellers. The townspeople provided the sick with food, and as a result, she was called a "civil hospital." The church, built in 1330, was closely associated with the hospital. Both the church and the hospital sheltered at the very foot of Möchberg (Monastic Mountain) at the very end of Gotredegasse. The church was dedicated to Saint Blaise, who lived in the IV century. He healed physical and mental ills. Sufferers from all over the world came to him. But by order of the emperor Licinius, Blaise, as a Christian, was captured and imprisoned. After cruel torture, he was beheaded and killed. The interior of the church is as modest as its exterior. The gilded tabernacle carved in wood to the left of the main altar of the church is a work of art. It probably served as a repository of relics. Dated 1460, the tabernacle was most likely made by “Masters from Mauterndorf”. Translated with Google Translate

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